Gaia Wisewoman

Ma Five Elements Healing


Ma is the vibration of the universe, the space between what is seen and unseen, of creation and life itself.

Ma is an awakening process, an opportunity for deep self-healing and an invitation to be. To be an aspect of the land, the sky and the sea.

An opportunity to let go of the shackles and walls that we place around ourselves, an opportunity to love ourselves, to release patterns, old beliefs and fear traps that ceased being supportive long ago and are now simply a hinderance to our growth. It is an opportunity to let go and allow the true nature of yourself to be free and walk in love and beauty.


Ma has consciously been 20 years in the making, but you could say that it is an aspect of the planetary evolutionary process and humankind stepping towards a new light way of being. The work is a culmination of channelled insights, information and guidance coupled with deep experiential learning and training from many healing modalities and creativity. As the channel Gaia Redgrave has formulated the teaching structure to enable the information to be taught so that individuals can easily access the Ma journey.

Gaia & her husband Zen are currently the only teachers of Ma and are based in the foothills of the beautiful Preseli hills in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The Ma Journey

The learning process will take you though opportunities to learn to recognise your mirrors, understand how you tick as an individual and heal these aspects to enable you to fully dance to your own tune; finding inner peace and balance within the world.

Ma will take you on a journey of self-discovery within which Gaia & Zen will walk alongside you, holding space for the difficult times and celebrating the joyous ones. They will guide you to finding your own path of peace and happiness highlighting the signposts on the way.

Ma is a creative flowing journey of deep self-healing and embracing of what is to come including leaps of faith, shedding skins and celebration of life.

All who wish to enter on the journey are welcome. The structure of the Ma journey is formed of five 2day workshops. Each workshop consists of an awakening to the Ma vibration, teaching coupled with exploratory learning, meditative work & discussion.

Is Ma for Me?

Ma is for anyone who feels that there is more to discover in life, for those who desire deep healing on a profound level of personal and / or ancestral issues, individuals who yearn for a deeper connection to their true self and a desire to live a truly authentic life. Ma is the water that sustains life, the breath of life, the fire in the belly and the knowledge of spirit all grounded in light on this earth.

Your journey with Ma is about to begin. All it requires is and open heart, an open mind and a willingness to embrace the work and insights on the journey.

A Ma Journey

Each Ma workshop is complete in its own right. Your journey starts with an alignment to the element of Earth then progresses through the elements of Water, Fire, Air and completes at Spirit.


Foundation . Land Connection . Inner Living

Alignment to the element of earth

The law of attraction

The concept of one


Inner truth

Feet and hand chakras

Earth and human cycles

Working with plants and trees

Daily practice

Sacred geometry

Planetary healing


Flow of Life . Release .


Alignment to the element of water

The importance of water

The memory of water

Water crystals

Energising water

Cellular level healing

Patterns cycles and beliefs


Healing ancestral and familial lines

The inner child



One Being . Divine Self .

Creative Self

Alignment to the element of fire

Masculine and feminine energy

Heart centre connection


Building and releasing energy through dragon breath

Release of emotional energy


Sacred tools

Soul / self communication


Breath of Life . Peace . Release

Alignment to the element of air


Releasing the voice

Chakra sounds

Personal sanctuary

The use of incense




Divine Balance . Pure Love . Integration

Alignment to the element of spirit

Planetary ascension

Akashic records

Divine self and soul nurture

Advanced meditation techniques

Integration of the 5 elements

Personal direction


Ma Five Element Healing Practitioner Techniques

Practice Management

Anatomay & Physiology for Ma Practitioners

Research & Development Project

Practical Exam

Case studies

Prerequisites: Introduction to Ma and Ma Five Element Attunements


Each workshop costs £200 and includes email support in between sessions and lunch. You can choose to have additional mentor sessions if you wish at a cost of £45 - £60. Workshops are delivered every three months however you may choose to leave longer in between to fully integrate your personal healing. It is important to honour your personal journey. No two people are the same.

During the workshops Gaia & Zen work with you as individuals for a framework of delivery that is tailored to your needs. They will hold space for deep healing work to take place, self-discovery and remembering of the self. Each workshop will include only 2-4 participants.