Gaia Wisewoman


I am a healer and a creative. My role is to walk part of your journey with you, and aid your discovery of yourself, your health & guide your way to inner peace. I work with essences, creativity, ceremony & love to release old cycles, beliefs & trauma which has manifest as physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance. Together we create a path that will bring you joy and happiness.

I work from Rhyddid, (Welsh for freedom), my home in Pembrokeshire either in person or remotely.

Learning Journey

My 45 years (so far) learning journey has comprised of much formal and experiential learning. I belive the best of our learning and understand comes after gaining qualifications & experiencing events. I have over 20 years experience as a practitioner of Complementary Therapies and my practice have changed a lot in this time from a formal structured space, to space held for clients that is gentle, exploratory, open and creative.

I qualified as a Kinesiologist in 1997 and in time added energy work, (including Ma Five Element Healing & KaiAmea Crystal Therapy), to my practice. I gained learning from practice, observation and my own experiences. I graduated as a mature student with a degree in Fine Art in 2012 and at this point I had a penny dropping moment realising the necessary link between health and creativity. Creativity from that day became part of my practice in the form of ceremony and craft. Craft & making have always been a large part of my life. In 2019 I completed my training as a Flower and Vibrational Essence therapist, for me the holy grail of therapies to work gently but deeply on the release of emotional issues and beliefs.

On a personal level I have worked through trauma, phobia, digestive issues, pain and understood the intricasies of living with autism. There has been a lot of experiential learning!

Both professional and experiential experience has been invaluable to build the sucessful practice that I now provide to support others.